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Mischief Farm has dealt with many different breeds of horses over the years, but there is one we just can't seem to get enough of.  That is the KWPN (Royal Dutch Sport Horse).  Since becoming involved in the breeding community we have learned more about this amazing breed and how much care and attention is put into breeding such fantastic horses.  The KWPN is one of the top breeding organizations in the world and are exacting in the standards to which they hold their registry and breeders.  It is these high standards that are responsible for creating the many top ranked horses in all Olympic disciplines.  

It is our hope over the coming years to apply all of the information we have learned and start a small breeding program to produce top level show jumpers for the future.  Our foundation mare will be Gini C, STB Step Sport (spr) PROK (Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Sandy by Burggraaf).  She is a 2011 mare who has jumped the 1.30m and comes from a strong sport dam line.  Her dam Sandy jumped 1.40-1.50m herself and has produced two 1.45m horses as well as Gini.  Sandy's dam Neutje (Colino x Rex Magna) jumped 1.50m herself as well, and also produced a 1.45m horse, a 1.25m horse, and a 1.20m horse as well Sandy.  We are hopeful that starting with such a quality mare will lead to top level jumpers in the future.

Some of the KWPN horses we've had in our program

Sotogrande (Registered name: Silooy) 1999 gelding by Krack C, out of Lady-Ella by Goodtimes - 1.10-1.20m jumper

Gini C, STB Ster Sport (Spr) PROK  2011 mare by Eldorado van de Zeshoek, out of Sandy by Burggraaf - 1.30 jumper 

Midas  2017 gelding by Eldorado van de Zeshoek, out of Vubertha by Mermus R - 70cm jumper

Lorenzo  2016 gelding by Denzel van't Meulenhof, out of Utah by Lansing - 1.05m jumper and hunter

Flamingo (Registered name: CD) 2007 by Veneur, out of T'Olga by Namelus R - 1.30 jumper

Winston, Ster (Registered name: Unesco)  2001 gelding by Hemmingway, out of Inosa by Cavalier - 1.10m jumper

Bolero  2006 gelding by Vermont VDL, out of Rosebalia by Calvados - 1.0-1.10m hunter and MF lesson horse

Romulus 1998 gelding by Ferro, out of Eretha by Zonneglans - 80cm jumper and beloved MF lesson horse

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