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At Mischief Farm we believe the way a horse begins their riding career shapes who they will become and their outlook on work for the rest of their life.  It is important to start a young horse the right way from the first time they are handled, right up to until they enter the show ring for the first time. These interactions will continue to shape a horse throughout their formative years and we truly believe when done well - and with a sense of humor and understanding - any young horse will blossom into his true potential.

Mischief Farm offers the following Young Horse programs


The first big step in becoming a riding horse is to confidently wear tack and carry a rider. We believe this process should be 

First Year Training

Once your young horse has been backed and has the ABCs of stop, go, turn right and left, and back up then it's time for real training to begin. Each horse needs the same basic skills no matter the discipline they end up in. 

Horse Show Training and Young Horse Class Training 

Many breeding programs and owners intend to show their horses as a way to advertise the horse is for sale while also promoting their program.  

Training for Keurings/Inspections

Taking a horse of any age to a keuring can be a daunting experience, but especially so with a young one. 

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