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We are honored to have a number of excellent sponsors at Mischief Farm.  We believe they are all amazing companies, and people, that offer great products and services.  We are happy to talk about how much our sponsors mean to us, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about these great products or companies. 

For sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

Mischief Farm takes the nutrition of our equine athletes seriously and we have found that HorseTech products are the absolute best  for keeping your horse healthy and working at his best.  We recommend horses get the supplement that covers their every need and fits into their program. SportWerks, ReitSport HA-100, or ReitSport are our top choices and fit into many programs and budgets. We love the ease and simplicity of these products, they contain full joint support (SportWerks and HA-100 have added Hyaluronic Acid), as well coat, hoof, and digestive support, for an easy “all-in-one” product. HorseTech is the starting point that we recommend for clients as a base for their horse's supplemental diet.




Proper tack fit is a big deal to us here to Mischief Farm. It has taken many years for us to find saddles that truly fit both horse and rider and perform at the highest level. For many years we have known CWD makes a quality product but we never felt the saddles were quite right for our program until we glimpsed the newly redesigned saddles for 2019. When we had the rep out the horses responded instantly, moving happily forward and through their backs, while our riders were able to stay perfectly balanced and aligned both on the flat and over fences. These saddles have come very far and we are so thrilled to be sponsored by, and to promote, a company that makes such outstanding products. We are also beyond lucky to have an amazing SoCal rep who is knowledgeable and offers wonderful customer service.

Perfect Products
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Perfect Products offers an extensive line of horse health products.  They have supplements for digestive support, immune support, joint support and repair, hoof support, performance, and calming.  Mischief Farm uses GastroEase and ProtEQtor and our horses have had remarkable success with these products.  Whether you need a quick “fast acting” kit, or on-going everyday support, Perfect Products has an excellent product line to choose from to help your horse perform at his best.  Elizabeth is currently part of the Elite Rider team.


Winderen Equestrian produces some of the top products on the market for both horse and rider. The Back Protect half pad has unparalleled shock absorption and the results speak for for themselves. The horses respond very well when ridden in with the half pad, they are both happier to round up and we have seen a great improvement in quality of gaits and jump. The Knee Protect stirrups are also positively amazing. With two shock absorbers built into the stirrup it significantly reduces the amount of stress put on the knee during riding. Not to mention both the half pad and the stirrups come in a fantastic array of colors. Last, but certainly not least, are their gel bits. We absolutely love the revolutionary idea of interchangeable cheek pieces on a bit allowing you to simply change your bit without having to buy a new one. The gel mouthpiece also great for horses with sensitive mouths or if you're looking for a better connection.

The vast range of MDC Stirrups offer every rider excellent support and security in the tack. With an eye at the top that can change from a regular stirrup iron angle to either 45 or 90 degrees, giving the rider the ability to fine-tune his or her leg and foot angle in the iron, while also alleviating keep back, hip, knee, and ankle discomfort. The recent addition of wider footbed irons make a great alternative for those wanting more stirrup under their foot while offering a grippy aluminum tread. The stiff rubber joints also allow for good shock absorbing properties—much better support than a standard iron, and better for your body over time. 


My Horse's Closet is a small, woman owned, business based in Los Angeles, CA.  Amelie created MHC to fill the need in the market for quality designer saddle pads at an affordable price.  Elizabeth became an ambassador for MHC in 2020 when we discovered this amazing small brand.  The saddle pads are not only beautiful to look at but anatomically and technologically advanced.  The new ergonomic shape helps keep the pads in place while working as well as fitting the horses and saddles perfectly and allowing freedom along the withers and spine.  The pads are made of stunning fabrics on the top but the 3D breathable mesh underside ensures the horses stay as comfortable as possible in our hot SoCal climate while looking gorgeous.  Other accessories such as bonnets and brushing boots are available and are just as high quality as the pads.

Lee Yelenics

Lee Yelenics is Susan's mother and Elizabeth's grandmother.  She was truly excited by Mischief Farm's move to the Southern California Equestrian Center and has helped to make the change to a new and better facility by providing her financial support.





No barn can run without a wide variety of excellent products.  Below are just a few of the products and companies that Mischief Farm uses every day, and recommends to all its clients.

Veredus Boots  

Day to day protection of our horses' legs is a top priority. Not only must boots protect, but they must fit in order to do so. Veredus provides top of the line boots that are sized to help create a perfect fit to keep.  We have many horses at Mischief Farm that do not fit in most jump boots due to their size. Large Veredus boots fit even our biggest horses without causing any discomfort or rubs, and the horses perform beautifully in them. Some of the best features about these boots are their great looks and durability.  These boots hold up to everyday wear but clean up easily (which is a huge plus) and look great in the show ring.

Professional's Choice

To aid in our quest for horse comfort we rely on Professional's Choice girths.  The soft, flexible, and breathable neoprene, combined with the double elastic, ensures that every horse is as comfortable as they can be while they work. The next greatest feature is the ability to clean these girths. We throw them in the washing machine and they come out looking brand new. They last forever, they're easy to clean (no leather involved), and the horses love them. What more could you want from a girth?!

Farrier's Formula


Mischief Farm feels that this product is the best hoof supplement on the market today.  All our horses’ hoof quality has improved tremendously and we recommend this supplement to all our clients.   As the old saying goes, “No hoof, no horse.”  We rely on Farrier’s Formula to keep our horses’ feet at their best, and it does an excellent job.

ThinLine Pads

ThinLine products are the only half pad we use at Mischief Farm. Their technology of an open-cell foam with cushion, shock absorption, weight dispersal, and breathability allows for the best support and cushion for horses and riders backs.  We use the entire range of half-pads to enhance saddle fit and comfort for the horse while working, although riders do mention they also feel the benefits.  The Big Horse also has a Thinline girth, fetlock boots, and open-front jumping boots, as they offer the best support, protection, and breathability for a neoprene-allergic horse.

SmartPak Equine

SmartPak Equine is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure your horse’s supplements are done right.  No buckets, bags, or measuring spoons—just peel and pour the pre-measured supplements.  SmartPak has a huge variety of supplements to choose from, including their own line of Smart Products, and also sells tack, clothing, stable supplies, and many other horse-related products.  Every horse at Mischief Farm gets a SmartPak every day, and we highly recommend their reliable delivery and excellent customer service.

Effax Leather Care

Here at Mischief Farm we recommend investing in good tack, and we make sure that it will last by giving it proper long-term care.  With the Effax Leather Care Line it makes taking care of our tack simple and easy.  The saddle soap does a great cleaning job on all tack, and finishing with the leather balm gives your tack an almost brand new glow—and instantly everything looks show-ring ready.  The Effax Grip Stick is also a great product to help provide extra grip in the saddle without discoloring your leather or your breeches.

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