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Susan Evans

Head Trainer


Susan started riding at age 6—over 50 years ago—and she’s been involved with horses ever since that first lesson in Virginia in the early 1960’s.  By investing time and energy into keeping up with the latest information in equine trends in teaching and horse management, she makes sure her horses and riders are able to perform to the best of their abilities.  Susan has been certified by the American Riding Instructors Association for both teaching and stable management since 2002.


Elizabeth Evans

Assistant Trainer


Elizabeth also started riding when she was six, and her ultimate goal is to ride jumpers in international equestrian events, most especially the Olympic Games.   She teaches most of the jumping lessons, helping students get a better understanding of pole work, striding, pace, and coursework.  Elizabeth is working with her show horse, Sotogrande in the jumpers arena, her true passion, and has plans for showing him extensively in the coming year.  She is especially excited for the 2018 EAP clinic, as this is the last year she can ride in this excellent USHJA program.

Anastasia Park von Simun

"The Oncoming Storm" - Pierre


Ana came to Mischief Farm at the beginning of 2013.  She originally came to try Spot and stayed at Mischief Farm when she decided she wanted to take jumpers more seriously.  After a few months of lessons it was time for Ana to have a horse of her own.  After shopping, Pierre arrived in June 2013 and the two have been making amazing progress ever since.  After their first season at I.E.L. they ended up as the Reserve Champion for Freshman Jumpers.  Ana has plans to keep moving up with Pierre and is excited to see where they end up.


Ann Simun

"Autumn Beauty" - Autumn


Ann came with her daughter Ana to Mischief Farm in 2013.  As she cheered on Ana and Pierre, she knew she would eventually want a horse of her own.  In the spring of 2014, Susan, Elizabeth, and Ana tried "Autumn" for another client and when they heard that the mare was still available a few months later, they knew she was the perfect horse for Ann.  After bringing the mare home, Ann and Autumn have become very close and enjoy each other's company.  Ann rides Autumn in lessons and just enjoys her amazing horse.


Roxy Thomas

"Enigma" - Winston


Roxy started riding at Mischief Farm in April of 2018 with her first horse Willow. She found an instant home with Team Mischief Farm and settled into training and prepping for the 2018 season.  Roxy acquired her second horse Winston after a tragic accident took Willow from her.  Fortunately, Winston is the horse of her dreams and she is beyond excited for their future.  After only a few shows, they have finished 2017 with great results and plan to take the eventing world by storm in 2019.


Chloe Brown

"Blue Ridge" - Big Bird


Chloe started lessons at Mischief Farm in summer of 2017 and started her introduction to jumping by riding many of the Mischief Farm horses. After a brief lease of the trusty Otis, she was fortunate enough to purchase her lovely mare Big Bird in August of 2018. She is aiming for a fantastic 2018-2019 IEL season in the Freshman jumpers, as well as  other local shows this coming year.  We cannot wait to watch this pair succeed in the jumper ring.

Ally Lunenfeld

"Bolero" - Otis


Ally joined the Mischief Farm team of riders last year and has leased a number of horses as her riding has advanced.  She is currently leasing Otis and honing her dressage skills,  as well as relearning her over fences training with a focus for a future in jumpers.  She is proud member of La Reina High School's Equestrian team, and has plans for a very successful 2018-2019 IEL season.


Breanna Smith

"Darton" and "Malibu"


Breanna joined Mischief Farm when Carly briefly leased her horse Darton at the beginning of 2018.  She stuck around after the lease had ended having grown fond of the people and horses she had spent time with.  During this timed she acquired Malibu, a western horse who, with some help from Mischief Farm, she is turning into a successful jumpers mount.


Carly and Dart.jpg
Carly Theis


Carly started riding at Mischief Farm in April 2017 and immediately fell in love with Phantom of the Opera (barrn name "Spot"), her 2017 partner for jumping new heights, attending EAP, and going to the local shows.  She is now working with Pierre and plans on showing him in 2019.



Gillian Sieker

"Clarkus Maximus" - Clarkus


Gill started coming around when her friend Breanna starting riding and hanging around Mischief Farm.  She quickly developed a liking for Clarkus and asked if she could start working with him.  Gill, an accomplished dressage rider, has started Clarkus down the dressage path as her next potential big mount.  With a very respectable score at their first schooling show after only a month of working together, we are very excited to watch their progress.



Mischief Farm Congratulates Roxy on Purchase of Unesco

October 1, 2018

After the loss of her beloved first horse, Roxy knew she wanted to get right back into riding, and more importantly, owning.  The search only lasted a week when we discovered the perfect candidate.  After one ride, he came home with us on trial.  Roxy couldn't be more in love, and we couldn't be happier with the match!  These two will be ones to watch.

Mischief Farm Congratulates Chloe on the Purchase of Blue Ridge

August 22, 2018

After trying "Winter" before heading to Michigan for the summer, Chloe fell in love.  She couldn't stop thinking about her while away and just her luck Winter came on the market just as Chloe returned.  We are so thrilled with this fantastic match and can't wait to watch them take the show world by storm.


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